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Description: Petrohue is recognized worldwide as one of the best circuits in MTB, developing every year the famous race CVO revolving around the Osorno Volcano. This activity begins at the Petrohue Expeditions office with the presentation of the guide, circuit description and safety briefing for proper and safe development of activity. They are walking trails that are the perfect blend between contact with nature and adventure sports.

Circuit: The tour begins in Petrohue taking the old road used by pioneers who settled the area in a southeasterly direction towards Petrohué River Falls. The road destroyed by the passage of time, puts some difficult and excitement to the tour into lava fields, streams and ancient forests. The last section takes the route 225 to the Petrohué River where it ends our activity.

General characteristics

  • Season: All year
  • Difficulty: medium / high
  • Minimum age of participants: 12 years
  • min amount. of participants: 2
  • Max. of participants: 6
  • Average duration: 3 to 4 hours.
  • Departure times: 9:00 am and 3:00 p.m..
  • No previous experience is needed.

Limitations and / or restrictions:

  • Health incompatible with the activity
  • The customer must present a good average physical condition and must not have physical impairments that prevent cycling or walking.
  • If less than 6 to 12 years must perform activity accompanied by a parent or guardian, minors aged between 12 and 16 must have a simple authorization of a parent or guardian.

Personal equipment:

  • If you have done in summer and / or spring: Comfortable clothes and shoes, backpack, hat, windbreaker, sunglasses, water bottle and sunscreen. We recommend: bike shorts and gloves.
  • If you have done in winter and / or fall: Comfortable clothes and shoes; jacket and temperatures appropriate to the time, polar, backpack, hat, windbreaker, water bottle and glasses thermal pants. We recommend: pants or shorts and cycling gloves.

Included services:

  • Guide
  • Bicycle
  • Helmet
  • snack
  • Personal accident insurance

Services and / or equipment not included:

  • Transfer to and from Petrohue.
  • Personal equipment.
  • Any other services or equipment not mentioned in the program.