Pioneer Museum

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The Pioneer Spirit

Not everyone has the soul of a pioneer. To be one, you need something special, something extra, something that not everyone has. We call it the spirit of the pioneer.

The pioneering spirit propels you to experiences of adventure, exploration and discovery. You face daily dangers, difficulties and the need to adapt to a risky lifestyle, beyond the borders of civilization. It is the passion that leads you not to give up, even in the face of obstacles and disasters. It is the conviction that there may be something better just around the corner.

For a true pioneer, it is not destiny that counts, but travel.

Franz Schirmer

The Museum of the Pioneers tells the story of those adventurers who spent or lived in Petrohue. They are 15,000 years of history that leaves with the first inhabitants of all America, Monte Verdinos.

By the end of 1800, the Chile-Argentina company founded by Carlos Wiederhold, opened the route of the Andean Lakes crossing the mountain range from Puerto Varas to the newly founded city of San Carlos de Bariloche. This route, which crossed Llanquihue, Todos los Santos, Frías and Nahuel Huapi lakes, was used to bring the sheep wool that was produced in Patagonia to Puerto Montt, then shipped to Europe via the Strait of Magellan.

In 1913, with the construction of the Panama Canal and then the first world war, the Chile-Argentina company bankrupt and bought a visionary Swiss pioneer, Mr. Ricardo Roth, who transforms the transport company into a tourism company. The Petrohue administration house is transformed into a guest house where tourists rest from a long journey from Peulla on the steamer Tronador or from the trip to horses from Ensenada.Petrohue was always a strategic place on the trip and preferred place by visitors To rest and enjoy a pristine nature.

Today Petrohue still maintains all the charm and lives the history of the first pioneers that circulated in these valleys. Petrohue Lodge still belongs to the family of Ricardo Roth who with great vision initiated the tourism in the region and had the great idea to form in The valley of Lake Todos los Santos or Esmeralda as he called it, the first National Park of Chile.